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Big Box Store Security Cameras VS. Security Industry Cameras

Eli Gearhart, owner of DirecTec LLC has been in the security camera industry since before cameras were installed on cell phones.

Eli Gearhart, Security Camera Expert
Eli Gearhart, Owner of DirecTec LLC

The involvement cameras have in our everyday lives have drastically accelerated. As camera technology improved, cameras became more accessible. Security cameras that were once only found in retail stores and commercial buildings are now installed in many people’s homes. Anyone can get a security camera kit for less than $300.

Eli was asked if he gets nervous that his security camera profession may deteriorate. Will security camera installation companies be the next camera film companies...totally defuncted? He chuckles and shakes his head. “No, big box store cameras do not take any work away from me.” This begs the question “why”?

What are the differences between big box store cameras and DirecTec LLC cameras?

  • Increased night quality – Box store cameras look great at noon on a sunny day, but that’s not when disaster strikes. It is midnight, raining, and blowing over the camera lenses. Now how does your box store camera look?

  • Wired – DirecTec LLC uses all hard-wired cameras. Hard wired cameras are more secure, more reliable, and will likely continue to record even when the internet goes out.

  • Improved VMS - Supporting 30 to 1,000 synchronous cameras must have a reputable video management software (VMS) or administering the cameras will be a nightmare. This is not available in big box store camera packages.

Eli explains that big box store cameras are a good solution for certain individuals and certain circumstances. However, the majority of business owners need something more reliable. Big box store cameras and DirecTec cameras are two separate markets.

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In Eli's experience, inexpensive cameras create a headache for him and his customers. He refuses to sell cheap cameras and realizes that this decision prices him out of a lot of business. Eli's favorite brand of cameras to sell are Axis Communications.

He recalls in a recent experience where camera footage was requested by police.

The officer viewing the video was stunned at the clear quality. He commented, “I wish everyone had cameras like this.”

Give Eli or his team a call to discuss cameras for your business.

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