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Access Control

Limit access into your business school or nursing homes.  We use the latest and sophisticated technology to help you keep your building safe.

Access Control Door
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Commercial Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are designed to detect smoke and heat, alerting you of a potential fire before it spreads and causes extensive damage or even loss of life.  We'll provide a system to keep your people and property safe.

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Fire Alarm
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Commercial Security Systems, including CCTV and Burglary

We provide the state of the art security cameras.  

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Security Camera
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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure for commercial buildings or data centers. This system is designed to support a wide range of applications, including voice, data, video, and multimedia.

Structured Cabling
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Vape Detection

Vape detection is key right now in K-12 and other institutions.  We are competitive in providing the state of the art HALO detectors.  

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Audio Speakers

We provide all types of audio systems for stadiums and mass notification systems.

Stadium Speakers
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We provide many time based systems like time clocks, school clocks, etc.

Wall Clock

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